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President elections in France - 2012

The presidential election in France in 2012 were held on April 22 (first round) and May 6 (second round). They became the tenth presidential election of the Fifth Republic. In the election he was elected for five years by the next president of the Fifth Republic. Party primary to nominate candidates held in France from January to October 2011.

In the first round of the election was the leader Francois Hollande, who collected 28.63% of the vote and the current president, Nicolas Sarkozy, who collected 27.18%, and they advanced to the second round. Third place was taken by the leader of the "National Front" Marine Le Pen with 17.90% of votes, followed by the leader of the "Left Front" by Jean-Luc Melanshon who obtained 11.10% of votes.

President was elected Francois Hollande. These elections were the second in the history of France, which resulted in a socialist for the presidency, and the second, which lost to the incumbent president.

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