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President elections in Abkhazia - 2011

June 8th National Assembly of the Republic of Abkhazia called early elections, because, under the Constitution, they must take place within three months of the president's death.

Fifth presidential elections in Abkhazia took place on 26 August 2011. Regular elections to take place in 2014, but the current president Sergei Bagapsh died on 29 May 2011.

Abkhazian law defines elected presidential candidate, if at the time he received a vote of 50% +1 vote of voters who took part in the vote. If none of the candidate receives a sufficient number of votes in two weeks announced a second round is won by the person who collected a simple majority of votes.

Chairman of the Central Election Commission of Abkhazia - Batal I. Tabagua.



Alexander Ankvab Zolotinskovich - 54.90%

Sergei Shamba Mironovich - 21.02%

Raul Khajimba Dzhumkovich-19.82%

Against all - 1.89%

Invalid votes - 2.37%


Turnout - 71.92%