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Alexey Semenov

Political analyst and journalist. From 2014 to 2014 he headed the Information Department of CIS-EMO.

Since 2009 he has participated in election monitoring missions for parliamentary elections in South Ossetia 2009, presidential elections in Abkhazia in 2009, regional elections in Russia 2009, presidential elections in Ukraine 2010, regional elections in Russia 2010, constitutioal referendum in Kyrgyzstan 2010, regional elections in Ukraine 2010, presidential elections in Abkhazia 2011, presidential elections in South Ossetia 2011, presidential elections in Transnistria 2011, parliamentary elections in Abkhazia 2012, presidential elections in South Ossetia 2012, parliamentary elections in Ukraine 2012 etc.

He presented reports at the briefing PACE and OSCE dedicated election situation in Russia in 2011, at the ODIHR Human Dimension meetings in Warsaw in 2012, 2013, 2014; at the Supplementary OSCE Human Dimension meeting in Vienna 2014, etc.

Graduate Higher School of Economics (HSE). Master of Political Science. Author of several articles about electoral systems transformation.