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Aleksey Kochetkov

Aleksey Kochetkov is russian political scientist, publicist, international expert. He is the general director of CIS-EMO. He is the researcher and the author of some modern methodologies of election monitoring processes and election campaigns. As a head of the international election monitoring mission of CIS-EMO participated in more than 50 missions in countries of CIS and EU.

Aleksey Kochetkov was born in 1971 in Moscow. 1989-1994 – Moscow Power Engineering Institute.

In October 1993 he participated in 1993 Russian constitutional crisis. He was arrested and during 5 months stayed in Lefortovo prison. He got freedom due to the State Duma political amnesty, which it announced for participants of 1993 Russian constitutional crisis on February 23 in 1994.[2]

Beginning from 1996 participated in a number of PR projects as a PR manager throughout the country-Leningrad, Pskov, Arkhangelsk, Vologda, Kemerovo, Primorsky krai and others. He worked in the State Duma as a consultant.

1999-2002 was a head of the news agency ‘Kamenny Ostrov’ in Saint Petersburg.

In 2004, he founded International Monitoring Organization CIS-EMO.

CIS-EMO played a minor role as an observer during the 2004 election campaign in Ukraine around the time of the Orange Revolution. There, Kochetkov complained that people wearing orange armbands had beaten him, an allegation that many dismissed as a ploy.

In 2005, during monitoring the Chisinau mayor elections, Kochetkov was arrested by communist Information and Security Service of the Republic of Moldova, put into the prison, where he stayed 8 days and after announcing the Note of Protest by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Sergey Lavrov he was deported to Moscow.[citation needed]

In August 2008, he was an organizer of the international Press-Center ‘Tskhinval-2008’. Later this center was given to the Ministry of Communication of the Republic of South Ossetia.

In 2008, he became the chief of the Centre for Monitoring of Democratic Processes ‘Quorum’.

Aleksey Kochetkov was a participant of a big number of international conferences, including in EUP, OSCE. 

He is the author of some books and monographs.