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Aleksandrs Mirskis

Aleksandrs Mirskis.

Mirskis was born in Vilnius. He is a graduate in civil engineering from the Polytechnic Institute in Kaunas (1986).

He retired from business to become an advisor to the mayor of Riga (2001 - 2005), later being elected to Saeima, the Latvian parliament (2006 - 2009).

Since July 2009 he is serving as 1 of the 9 Latvian MEPs in the European parliament, affiliated with the Socialists and Democrats parliamentary group. Mirskis is a member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and a substitute in the Committee on Regional Development.

He participated in the CIS-EMO observation missions for presidential elections in Ukraine in 2010, local and regional elections in Ukraine in 2010, the regional elections in the various regions of the Russian Federation, etc.