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Visit of international observers on elections in Tatarstan Republic

The representative of «Civic Control» Denis Dvornikov on polling district
Thierry Mariani at round table talk
Elections in Tatarstan 2009
Elections in Tatarstan 2009

On February, 28th in Academy of the state and municipal management at the President of Republic Tatarstan has taken place the round table talk on a theme «Public institutes in selective process, experience of Russia and France». Deputies of National Meeting of France have taken part In session Thierry Mariani and Michael Voesin.


In ASMM have gathered more than 20 representatives of public organisations of Tatarstan of a different direction. The receiving party was represented, in particular, the head of department concerning internal policy of President РТ by Alexander Terentyev, the rector of Academy of the state and municipal management at President of RT Andrey Ershov and the chairman of the commission of Public chamber of RT Vladimir Shevchyuk.

Vladimir Shevchyuk has reminded at once participants of the round table talk that representatives of France shortly before it already had time to get acquainted with parliamentary system of Tatarstan and features of selective process in our region. Therefore he has suggested foreign visitors to tell about legislative system of France and how there passes election campaign in this European country.

«Work of deputies in Tatarstan and in France has much in common. Members of parliament should work for citizens who have selected them, to work for the good of all society», - has noted Thierry Mariani. Representatives of Tatarstan have agreed with it.

Discussion proceeded long enough, and this meeting, certainly, was interesting to both parties: Thierry Mariani and Michael Voesin visited for the first time in Tatarstan and showed interest to public processes in region, and representatives of Tatarstan have received valuable experience of the French colleagues.

Also the meeting of foreign observers and the representative of «Civic control» in person Denis Dvornikov with the chairman of the State Council of RT Farid Muhametshin has taken place.

The vice-president of State Council RT Rimma Ratnikova, the secretary of State Council Valentina Lipuzhina, the state adviser have taken part in a meeting at President of RT on the international questions - the director of Department of external relations РТ Timur Akulov, the head of department concerning internal policy of President of RT Alexander Terentyev, the rector of Academy of the state and municipal management at President of RT Andrey Ershov, the chairman of the commission of Public chamber RT Vladimir Shevchyuk.

«You have arrived to very interesting time – tomorrow at us elections of deputies of State council of RT, - Farid Muhametshin has told, welcoming visitors. – I am glad to a meeting with you».

During a meeting the speaker of parliament of RT has told to the French members of parliament about how there passed election campaign in Tatarstan. «Election campaign has passed in the reserved form between all its participants», - he has noted. Thereupon it has reminded that in the campaign beginning the agreement for carrying out of fair elections has been signed. «I believe, this action has played the positive role», - has added F. Muhametshin.

He also has told to visitors that the republic parliament, unlike France, is unicameral: 100 deputies are selected, 4 parties participate in elections. «The republic is divided into 50 districts, in each of which is registered to 7 candidates-odnomandatnikov. Uncontested districts are not present», - the head of parliament RT has added.

«As a whole, a political situation in Tatarstan the stable. The economy roughly develops. In connection with crisis there were some problems because татарстанское manufacture is deeply integrated into economic. The republic management does all necessary to minimise crisis consequences», - Farid Muhametshin has told.

In end of a meeting the Chairman of State Council of RT has noticed that between Tatarstan and France active cooperation is conducted, there is a representation of Tatarstan in France.

«We visit for the first time Tatarstan, but we already have some representation about your republic», - Therry Mariani has told. «Tatarstan takes a special place in Russia, the republic has managed to keep independence and autonomy. Impress also economy indicators», - the French member of parliament has underlined. According to T. Mariani, and to France it is necessary for Tatarstan to search for new ways of development of economic relations. In turn, Michael Voesin has thanked the Chairman of the State Council for warm reception.In the morning on March, 1st in Tatarstan signal to start has officially been given to elections of deputies of State Council РТ of the fourth convocation. In republic 2895 polling districts have been officially opened. Their work was supervised by 65 territorial election committees, on 35 from which functions of district election committees are assigned. For elections of deputies of parliament of republic 50 one-mandatory election districts are formed, each of which totals on the average 56 thousand voters.

Traditionally premises for voting of the majority of polling districts settled down in buildings of establishments of formation and culture: at schools, colleges, Recreation centres, rural clubs, in libraries.

Besides, in territory of each area of Kazan decisions of territorial election committees define polling districts on which voting of the voters who do not have registration on a residence has been organised.

Voting process in Tatarstan was watched by deputies of National Meeting of France Thierry Mariani and Michael Voesin. In the program of work of the French members of parliament calculated for 2 days, meetings with a republic management, visiting of Central election committee of RT, acquaintance with work of «a hot line», public chamber RT, and also a meeting with representatives of the mayoralty of Kazan have been planned.

In an election day of Thierry Mariani and Michael Voesin have visited on several polling districts, talked to journalists.
«During our work we have made already more than 50 business trips in the different countries. It would be desirable to tell that the order of elections in Tatarstan suits us, all passes normally and all corresponds to the standard standards», - the deputy of National Meeting of France has declared to journalists Thierry Mariani.
He has informed that together with colleague Michael Voesin they have visited a considerable quantity of polling districts, talked on each site to observers and «each time received the answer that all occurs normally, infringements are not present». Especially Mariani has noted presence on sites for voting of young voters. «In voting participated a lot of youth that the unusual occurrence suffices for us, - has explained Thierry Mariani. - But especially we have noted mood of voters. Any pressure».

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