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“Torpedoing the energy policy of Germany”: in the Bundestag they pointed to the unacceptable position of Kiev in the “Nord Stream - 2”

The position of Ukraine, receiving financial support from the European Union, but supporting the possible introduction by the United States of sanctions against European companies participating in Nord Stream 2, is unacceptable. This was stated by the chairman of the Bundestag Committee on Economics and Energy Klaus Ernst. According to him, American restrictions are contrary to international law and will become an attack on the energy policy of Germany, which will entail retaliatory action from Berlin. The State Duma indicated that the United States is trying to convince Europeans to make sacrifices for the sake of mythical energy security, but in Brussels they are increasingly realizing that in Washington they think only about their own, primarily economic interests.

In Berlin, they criticized the position of Kiev, which intends to use possible US sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline as an instrument in negotiations with Russia on gas transit. This was stated by RIA Novosti Chairman of the Bundestag Committee on Economics and Energy Klaus Ernst.

“If so, then I think that is unacceptable. A country that has received and is receiving great political and financial support from the EU, but at the same time advocating extraterritorial sanctions by the United States, which torpedo our energy policy, calls into question this assistance, ”Ernst said.

At the same time, the representative of the Bundestag called the possible US sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 AG project "contrary to international law." Ernst emphasized that the United States should not be bothered by the way in which Germany "shapes its energy policy."

“In this regard, these threatened sanctions are absolutely unacceptable. The federal government must defend itself against this. If sanctions should impede the operation of the pipeline, you need to think about countermeasures. It would be possible to increase duties on imported American gas extracted by the method of fracking, ”he said.

The chairman of the Bundestag committee on economics and energy also indicated that Germany would continue to purchase Russian blue fuel until it was significantly cheaper and more environmentally friendly than US LNG. Moreover, according to him, one cannot talk about a certain dependence of the Federal Republic of Germany on gas from Russia, since Moscow is also a dependent party on this issue because of a desire to sell raw materials.

On November 26, Ukrainian Deputy Foreign Minister Olena Zerkal said that Kiev was counting on possible restrictive US restrictions that should help prevent the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from launching. Two days later, the diplomat announced her resignation from her post. Mirror herself indicated that the reason was disagreement with the policy of the office of Vladimir Zelensky, aimed, according to her, to restore relations with Russia.

Shortly before that, it became known about the intention of the American congressmen to fix the introduction of a new package of sanctions against Nord Stream 2 as a separate chapter in the country's defense budget for 2020. The German edition of Bild said that the document could be adopted before December 25, and the Swiss company Allseas and the German Uniper risk being subject to restrictions.

The completion of the Nord Stream 2 construction is expected by the end of the year. Moreover, according to Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak, a gas pipeline with a capacity of up to 55 billion cubic meters. m will have to earn in mid-2020.

The first deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Foreign Affairs Dmitry Novikov in an interview with RT indicated that Germany is an independent state that should realize its own national interests.

“The voices of reason, which are increasingly heard in Paris, Berlin and other European capitals, are connected with the fact that the policy of the United States is increasingly encouraging this. The US is trying to convince Europeans that, in addition to purely economic calculations, there are some others that need to make sacrifices for the mythical energy security of Europeans. But in the end it turns out that, in addition to bare financial interest, the States are not pursuing anything, ”Novikov said.

In turn, the executive director of the monitoring organization CIS-EMO Stanislav Byshok noted that the US desire to put Nord Stream-2 as a kind of Russian attempt to “exert political pressure” on Europe is fundamentally wrong.

“No one forbids European countries, primarily Germany as the center of Europe, to buy gas from other suppliers. Some serious US sanctions against European companies associated with Nord Stream - 2 will cause a corresponding opposition. If American restriction will hit Germany hard, then the answer will be strong, ”RT said.

“Ukraine will have to pay a reasonable price for gas”

At the same time, Klaus Ernst expressed his own opinion about the negotiations between Russia and Ukraine on gas. He noted that the position of Germany is that the parties should come to the conclusion of a new agreement, which will replace the agreement expiring on December 31.

“But then Ukraine will have to pay a reasonable price for gas and put its gas network in order. These are the prerequisites for this to work, ”said Ernst.

Earlier, Minister of Energy and Environmental Protection of Ukraine Oleksiy Orzhel spoke about the risks of problems in the operation of the Ukrainian gas transportation system in February - March, if the contract was not concluded.

Note that the next round of trilateral consultations on gas (Russia, Ukraine, the European Union) may take place on December 5. In addition, the transit issue, according to Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky, can be raised at the Norman Four summit on December 9 in Paris.

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“Torpedoing the energy policy of Germany”: in the Bundestag they pointed to the unacceptable position of Kiev in the “Nord Stream - 2”

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