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Stanislav Byshok on Hillary Clinton's foreign policy

CIS-EMO political analyst Stanislav Byshok took part in The Heat talk show on CCTV-America wherein Hillary Clinton's foreign policy was discussed.

According to Byshok, if Clinton is elected president of the U.S., it's not easy to predict what her foreign policy would be. She's served for four years as the Secretary of State; and during her term, the world saw the destruction of the Libyan statehood, the Arab Spring which brought about the rise of Islamic fundamentalism, and - last not least - ISIS appeared on the stage.

There are no reasons why Hillary Clinton should change her traditional approach, combining direct and indirect, through arming opposition groups in countries of interest, intervention and more soft-power tactics. 

According to Stanislav Byshok, Russians perceive Donald Trump as Russia-friendly or Russia-neutral candidate whereas Hillary Clinton is viewed as overtly anti-Russia hawk with whom it's virtually impossible to come to terms.

Commenting on the recent scandals concerning the leaks of documents from the Democratic party's internal correspondence, Byshok dismissed the accusation that Russia has been behind the hacker attack. However, from the expert's point of view, Americans had better address the issues of electoral fraud in recent Democratic primaries revealed by the leaked documents. "In the end, nobody said: Sorry, Bernie," concluded Stanislav Byshok.

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