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Situation in Belarus actively discussed by expert community

According to the Russian journalist, military expert Igor Korotchenko, external forces are directly involved in the current situation in Belarus.

Igor Korotchenko, journalist, editor-in-chief of the National Defense Magazine (Russia): "It is quite obvious that there are external stakeholders who are trying to play on the Belarusian political field. We already see that the instructions are given openly, and are carried out by individual politicians. Lithuania deals with all the statements of Tikhanovskaya, who is located in Vilnius - this is not Tikhanovskaya. This is what the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry is talking about with Belarus. In this case, she is plasticine in skillful Lithuanian hands. I don't want to humiliate her, insult her. But this is a dependent figure, she accidentally fell into the mechanism of Belarusian politics. She is openly manipulated. We are also witnessing the implementation of a scenario typical of Poland in the 1980s. This is an attempt to involve labor collectives in activities. It is in the interests of Warsaw to undermine the internal political situation in Belarus by initiating mass protests, strikes at factories. Other union leaders may have politicians on whom Warsaw can rely. But, of course, we qualify all the statements that are heard from the European Union today as interference in the internal affairs of Belarus. Yes, I understand, all of us in the Russian Federation understand that there are dissatisfied people who stand for changes, for changes in the political system. But it is obvious that all these processes must take place in the legal political space. In this case, it is possible to change the political system by changing the Belarusian constitution, which will determine the further transfer and mechanisms of the future political structure of the Republic of Belarus."

Russia is interested in the earliest possible stabilization of the situation in Belarus. 

Stanislav Byshok, Candidate of political sciences, co-chairman of the Belarusian-Russian civil initiative "Union": "Of course, the technologies of mass protests in recent years anywhere in the world are quite similar - you just take these technologies and use them for your political purposes. It doesn't matter to the right. As for the parallels with Ukraine, on the one hand, they are noticeable, on the other hand, there are fundamental differences that make the Belarusian history much more promising and strong. Belarus is a more compact country, people there are culturally close to each other, speak the same language. Everyone thinks the same, they say the same thing: all Belarusians, regardless of nationality. In this case, fortunately for Belarus, there is no regional split. There is a rift between society and elites, yes. This is a guarantee of the possibility of moving from the street to negotiations at the negotiating table."

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Situation in Belarus actively discussed by expert community

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