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Roundtable "Russia and Europe: Cooperation not confrontation" in Moscow (VIDEO)

The international roundtable "Russia and Europe: Cooperation not confrontation," organized by the Public Diplomacy Foundation, was held on June 22, 2017, at Moscow's "Rossiya Segodnya" (Russia Today) media center.

The principal speakers were:

Alexey Kochetkov, president of the Public Diplomacy Foundation;
Johann Gudenus, vice-mayor of Vienna, one of the leaders of the Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ);
Stanislav Byshok, political analyst at CIS-EMO, author of the book "New Europe of Vladimir Putin";
Alexander Yushchenko, member of the Russian Parliament, Communist Party (KPRF);
Pierre Malinowski, French historian, archeologist, and activist dedicated to restoring Russian-French relations.

All the participants of the roundtable agreed that there is no real and solid ground whatsoever for conflicts between Russia and the West and that the restoration of a partnership between our countries is inevitable. Nationalist and sovereigntist parties of Western Europe perceive Russia as a natural ally and as an example of pursuing independent foreign and domestic policies and preserving its cultural identity.

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