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Round table: "Dynamics of democratic institutes development in Republic of South Ossetia in the first year after a recognition of independence"

On May, 6th in Tskhinval has passed a round table on a theme "Dynamics of democratic institutes development in Republic of South Ossetia in the first year after a recognition of independence", organised by ombudsman of South Ossetia David Sanakoev and the Centre for monitoring democratic processes "Quorum" (Moscow). In work representatives of parliament, Presidential Administration, the republic government, experts from Tskhinval and Moscow have taken part also.

Opening action, David Sanakoev has told that "to a recognition of South Ossetia many looked at it other eyes". "And already many employees of the international organisations concern with a great attention practice of building of democratic institutes in republic. Democratic institutes are created, now it is necessary to work over questions of the technical organisation", - he has declared.

The vice-president of parliament of South Ossetia Tarzan Kokojty, welcoming participants of a round table, has underlined: "We from anybody do not conceal anything, we discuss set of problems in a society, arisen after war in August, 2008. Inhabitants of republic are in a shock from war consequences. We should not mislead the world community, differently we will not calm the people. The role of parliament in the history of South Ossetia is very great, in the beginning it was the unique tool of a survival of the people. Everything that is created in South Ossetia, including institute президенства, has been created by parliament and the referenda declared by it. Democratic institutes, parties - the important element of democratic development, but is even more important, the pivotal role of a political management on formation of political institutes. However, if to analyse the published lists of candidates of parliament there are doubts that from them it is possible to generate skeleton of professional parliament".

The operating director of news agency REGNUM Modest Kolerov has expressed opinion that one of the central problems of development of modern democratic institutes in South Ossetia is creation of practice of public expert discussion of tactical and strategic problems of South Ossetia in which programs of political parties and professional shots of their party lists should be tested. Practice of public examination, in its opinion, is independent democratic institute: "Such experience becomes the major tool not only additional internal легитимации to South Ossetia, but also its external легитимации as modern democratic state". "The independence Recognition - really only has begun a long and disputed way of its protection, especially in a context of the state bankruptcy of Georgia," the expert "in which affairs experts from South Ossetia" should become natural", - he has declared.

The adviser of the president of South Ossetia Konstantin Kochiev has declared: "the understanding of democracy and democratisation ways in territory of the former USSR have appeared are rather various. Democracy is to you not to eat lobio", - one of politicians of Georgia spoke, for example. Very often, when in political space of South Ossetia it is told about democracy, means South Ossetian's understanding "the democracies, developed in former times, that is as" the people authorities". In the history Ossetia-Alania left tests in a kind of "confederation of democracies" (nykhas). These democratic principles became a kernel South Ossetian political outlook forever. And now they have been staticized as the major source of our statehood. In a Soviet period the Georgian statehood tried to liquidate South Ossetian autonomy as South Ossetian statehood. For counteraction to it the political class of South Ossetia has addressed to traditional principles of democracy. After disintegration of the USSR these principles were not so actual for the republics of the former USSR which has received the independent statehood "on a saucer", and at South Ossetia it was not simple other choice how to confirm the statehood on democracy principles. Now there is a necessity to look at democracy in South Ossetia from new positions. Democracy as "the people power" has been executed in South Ossetia to the full. World practice shows that it can be used for destruction. After introduction of parliamentary elections under party lists there was a necessity to create high-grade parties. Operating democracy is effective, now it is necessary to complete a problem its institutes.

The representative of the European centre of the geopolitical analysis (Warsaw - Kiev) Marina Kochetkova has paid attention gathered that "NGO it is necessary for South Ossetia to take part in actions of the international organisations, including OSCE, in discussion of democratic standards of carrying out and monitoring of elections. It can be the beginning of formation international" club of friends of South Ossetia".

The adviser of the Minister for Foreign Affairs of South Ossetia

Besa Biazarti

has noticed that "because of the unilateral information from Georgia the republic is in information blockade and qualitative examination from the South Ossetia causes a keen interest and demand in the international organisations and not engaged western NGO". He believes that in definition of the future of the country it is necessary to connect two main functions of the state - development and safety, to define its national interests, priorities of effective development round interests of South Ossetia, the Ossetian people and Russia. The expert has suggested to create in South Ossetia "a platform for development of modelling decisions of Russia for development of all Caucasus".


The economist, the senior lecturer of South Ossetian University Gennady Kokoev has declared: "Without the traditional democratism the people of South Ossetia for these simply would not survive 20 years, however in economy and the politician of republic prevail etatism, and political parties are not connected with economic interests. There is no also an economy class which would create independent mass-media. Owing to the objective historical reasons - 65 % of adult men are employees of power structures. Now, when the republic is recognised, there are no bases to hide existing problems of development of democratic system of the country, including division of the authorities, local government, formation of professional parliament, economic planning, including definition of a damage from the war which volume is not defined till now".

The director of the International institute of the Newly Established States (Moscow) Alexei Martynov has paid attention to duration of modern democratic tradition in South Ossetia: will pass elections in the fifth convocation the parliament, three times have passed presidential elections, have twice passed referenda. "Even in conditions of not stopping 19 years of war, blockade, actual absence of economy basic principles of democracy, now the main task - responsibility of citizens of South Ossetia for the recognised statehood have been put. There is more important a problem, than definition of an image future of South Ossetian people".

The general director of the Center for monitoring democratic processes "Quorum" (Moscow) Alexei Kochetkov has acquainted gathered with results of the expert analysis of the legislation of South Ossetia: "the republic Legislation corresponds to the all-European standards. Analysts of the Center do not have to it questions, but there are questions to the country Constitution in a part, concerning human rights: arrest from the sanction of the public prosecutor, instead of only on a judgement, interpretation of laws by parliament, instead of Constitutional (or Supreme) court, decorative effects of functions of local government, and also in the selective legislation - concerning powers of the international observers on elections".

The assistant to the president of South Ossetia under relations with NGO and political parties Kosta Dzugaev ascertained presence of "the developed democratic practice" in the country, but has stated concern the developed pre-election situation." The post-war shock from massacre, henocide aggressions continues to operate. Hundreds families in mourning. The mass stream of the humanitarian help has found out institucional impreparation to its distribution, has revealed the fullest social portrait of a society - the majority of people discontentedly. Mass restoration of the habitation, full payment of indemnifications, - fortunately till now has not begun, this question moves from a dead point. Forthcoming parliamentary elections will be difficult. Considering protest moods, it is not excluded that communists in parliament can receive the majority that again as there is no time before, can make parliament antipresidential. Besides, even to the Russian measures the huge sum in 11,5 млрд roubles on republic restoration wroted desire of opposition to receive "access to a feeding trough" which is stopped by president Kokojty. The opposition conducts to failure of elections, offering on 3.000 roubles for absence on elections (the minimum appearance established in South Ossetia by the law - 50 %). According to Dzugaev, the authorities in power of president Kokojty "are too liberal", but have no alternative, opposite - the power should be consolidated round the president "on is foreseeable close prospect", and powers of the president are increased: "In the long term buildings of a new configuration of Southern caucasus political process in South Ossetia is insufficiently designed, especially during election campaign. Our republic also began as NGO, but some NGO have taken a great interest in reception of the western grants and have passed to political and parapolitical actions against statehood of South Ossetia".

The president of the Center of social and political researches "Aspect" (Moscow) Georgiy Fyodorov has shared with experts "an operational experience with youth for the purpose of decrease in social intensity, including - within the limits of association "Civil control"- on protection of suffrages of citizens (to creation of points of the civil control, information support, the international activity, the analysis of legal base of elections). Parliamentary elections of South Ossetia on May, 31st, undoubtedly, will be used by its opponents against South Ossetia and Russia".


The vice-president of the government of South Ossetia, the minister of affairs of youth, sports and tourism of Eleonora Bedoeva and the Minister of Press and mass communications Irina Gagloeva have told gathered about experience of development of strategy of area of a youth policy, tourism and the information policy in republic.

The gathered experts have supported the idea of creation stated during discussion on the eve of parliamentary elections of the independent international press centre in Tshinvale, considering experience of creation of such press centres in South Ossetia in 2006-2008.

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