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A report of CIS-EMO regarding the Ukrainian elections was presented at the meeting of the OSCE ODIHR

A report of CIS-EMO regarding the Ukrainian elections was presented at the meeting of the OSCE ODIHR

The idea of the elections to the Supreme Council of Ukraine to be held on October 28, as a confrontation between "democratic opposition" and "totalitarian power" is unfounded. This was stated by the director of the International organization of Election Observation CIS-EMO Alexey Kochetkov on October 4 speaking at the meeting of ODIHR with a preliminary report on the pre-election situation in Ukraine.

At the annual meeting of the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights, held in Warsaw, the director of CIS-EMO Alexey Kochetkov presented a preliminary public report of international observer mission on the situation in Ukraine on the eve of the election of people's deputies of the country. The report notes the multidirectionality of violations of election law that were revealed by CIS-EMO in Ukraine, so they can not be attributed to a single political force, such as the "Party of Regions" of the current president Viktor Yanukovych, as is trying to do a number of international observation missions.

"The bulk of revealed violations now is connected not with the political struggle of party lists, but with the struggle of single-mandate candidates", - said Kochetkov. The so-called administrative resources remain the traditional problem for the Ukrainian elections, but the term is not always used correctly. "Local government bodies, which draw up local budgets and which allocate lands at their sessions, often have a more efficient mechanism for administrative influence in regions than heads of local state administrations", - noted the director of CIS-EMO.

Talking about the features of the political struggle in the country Kochetkov warned members of the world community against the simplified and not satisfying the reality schemes of consideration the situation as a struggle of the "democratic opposition" against the "totalitarian power". "In Ukraine we can see, first of all, not a clash of worldviews, but the struggle between financial-oligarchical clans, which depending on the sympathies of voters in a particular region of the country make the bet either on the "party of power" or on the opposition representatives", - said the director of CIS-EMO. Representatives of the Ukrainian business elite represented on the "walk-through" places of all the political parties that have a chance to overcome the 5% threshold to pass in the parliament, - Kochetkov added.

Concluding his report, the director of CIS-EMO mission urged his colleagues from international election observation missions to refrain from premature, biased estimates of the Ukrainian elections and to rely on facts, not on emotional judgments and speculation.

Note that, the day before the presentation of the public report by A. Kochetkov, the site CIS-EMO has undergone a massive DDoS-attack. In opinion of representatives of the mission, it was connected with the rumors that at the meeting of ODIHR the CIS-EMO planned to present a report on the parliamentary elections in Georgia.

The text of the preliminary report of CIS-EMO regarding the elections to the Supreme Council of Ukraine is posted in the open access:

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