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The report about human rights violations in Lithuania was presented at OSCE

The expert report "Human rights violations in contemporary Lithuania" issued by CIS-EMO was presented at OSCE ODIHR Human Dimension Implementation Meeting 2016 in Warsaw, Poland.

Download the expert report "Human rights violations in contemporary Lithuania" in PDF.

The report was published on the OSCE website.


1. Blacklists: pressure on political scientists, historians, journalists and artists. Violations of fundamental documents.
2. National minorities: situation with the Polish minority (spelling of first and last names, problems with bilingual signs, education in the native language), with ethnic Russians and ethnic Roma (gypsies).
3. Civil liberties: restrictions on the freedom of the media, biased coverage of events, ban on Russian TV channels, secret prisons.
4. History: ban on Soviet symbols, liability for denying Soviet aggression, demolition of historical monuments.
5. Anti-Semitism: memory of the Holocaust, treatment of Nazi criminals, persecution of Jewish partisans.


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