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Refugees as weapons. Will changing EU migration policy help defeat coronavirus?

In the Spanish edition of La Vanguardia reportedthat Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban again attacked migrants with criticism. The head of the country’s government called the refugees a threat comparable to biological weapons and demanded to stop their influx into the country. Such measures, he noted, will help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

In a commentary to Baltnews, Stanislav Byshok, Executive Director of the International Monitoring Organization CIS-EMO, told why a tough migration policy suits many in Hungary.

«Viktor Orban is one of the most prominent critics of mass non-european migration to Europe. And this is not the first time he has spoken out about this. and this is one of the reasons for his rather high popularity in Hungary itself and among anti-migrant forces in Europe. a small european Trump» Byshok said. Nevertheless, the expert noted, the specificity of Hungary is such that most of the migrants who go through the Balkans to Northern Europe do not stay there.

«In Hungary there are no social guarantees, in Hungary a language that no one will learn, and the mood is much less tolerant than in Scandinavian countries or Germany. In fact, the negative attitude towards mass migration in Hungary is rather a consensus. There, as far as possible to judge, even the left does not particularly advocate open borders. And when they talk about Orban, they criticize him not for a tough stance on migration, but rather for corruption or the maximum concentration of power,» Byshok concluded.

Is the threat real?

“All illegal migrants who want to enter the country without control, not only violate Hungarian laws, but also pose a biological threat. This is a serious phrase, and therefore I say it carefully,” said Orban.

What to expect from the right-wing radicals in Europe after the coronavirus. 

The Prime Minister drew attention to the fact that currently all migrants, without exception, are potentially dangerous, since it is not known whether any of them are sick with COVID-19.

Hungary remains one of the main opponents of migration to the EU. In fact, the country blocks all proposals regarding freer access for refugees to Europe, for which it is often criticized by other members of the union.

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Refugees as weapons. Will changing EU migration policy help defeat coronavirus?

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