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Presentation of the Russian know-how in the field of protection of the rights of voters in European Parliament

Last Wednesday on March, 18th in Bruxelles in the European Parliament building «the round table» on a theme of protection of suffrages has taken place. On it Russian non-profit organizations, working in sphere of the civil control over selective process, have shared with the European deputies and experts the experience received, including, during the elections which have passed recently in a number of regions of Russia.

The initiative of carrying out of similar action belongs to the «Quorum», Russian non-profit Democtatic Processes Monitoring Centre, entering into association «Civil control», 40 non-governmental organisations included an order to some extent specialising on the civil control over elections in Russia. It is a question of the public structures which are engaged not only directly monitoring of a course of voting in an election day and fixation of cases of infringement of suffrages of citizens, but also long-term supervision over election campaigns, training of observers, creation and approbation in this area of the modern technologies, capable to provide effective communication between voters, monitoring structures and organizers of elections.

And introduction experience in monitoring process of a modern information technology has especially interested Europeans. For example, proved to be successful experiment with introduction by the «Civil control» SMS-portal thanks to which by means of the simple SMS-message citizens could transmit operatively in monitoring structures a signal about infringements on polling district. With the same purpose in an election day the system of "hot" telephone lines for voters has been organised.

According to the European experts participating in «a round table», similar technologies could be used and in the European Union countries, in particular, during elections coming by these summer in the European parliament. The Polish expert Mateusz Piskorski has called the colleagues and eurodeputies to listen to experience of the Russian legal experts including because, in its opinion, «in Europe, especially in the countries new members of EU widespread the stereotypes, concerning functioning of democracy and selective process to Russia, and such cliches frequently lead to simplified and unequivocally negative perception of a situation».

By the way, the given action became sign from a position of change of negative stereotypes occurring in the West concerning democratic development of Russia. As the German politician acting during discussion, the ex-deputy of European Parliament Frank Schwalba-Hoth was expressed:« In interpretation of democratic character of elections in Russia always there was a monopoly of the point of view, first of all, the USA, and also EU, financing various monitoring of non-profit organizations in Russia which very often do prejudiced conclusions». Now this monopoly is broken, in Russia there were own remedial structures carrying out the civil control over selective process and giving the objective information on a course of elections, and it, according to the politician, in itself is a great advance.


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