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A preliminary report of CIS-EMO is published on the website of SPU

The Socialist Party of Ukraine posted a Preliminary report of the CIS-EMO mission regarding the election for the Supreme Council of Ukraine on the party website: Our mission sincerely thanks the SPU for serious attention to the document. 

" Especially interesting are the findings concerning the relativity of such concepts as "power" and "opposition" in Ukraine", - was commented on the report on the website of SPU. - "In opinion of the CIS-EMO, all the political parties "act only as institutionalized political forms of implementation of the economic interests of oligarchic actors." This was also confirmed by the joint voting for the new election legislation, which is rather anti-democratic by European standards. Accordingly, the "oligarchization" of Ukrainian politics has led to the fact that the fight for people's sympathy is often conducted at the level of bribery and pressure of administrative resources". 

The international organization for election observation CIS-EMO, for its part, calls on the other international observer missions and representatives of international non-governmental organizations, the media, all the active members of the Ukrainian civil society to make every effort to minimize the distortion of the people's will in the future elections to the Parliament of Ukraine.  

A preliminary report of CIS-EMO is published on the website of SPU

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