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Leaving The EU, UK Calls For Sanctions Of Nord Stream 2

Leaving the European Union, the UK will bluntly punish Russia’s “Northern Flow 2”, regardless of the reaction of Germany and the EU.

British politicians called for support of the US

“Northern Flow 2” is the construction of two gas pipeline chains with a total capacity of 55 billion cubic meters per year from the Russian coast across the Baltic Sea to Germany. This pipeline will also pass through the territories or economic privileges of Finland, Sweden and Denmark, all of which have been granted the necessary permits to complete construction.

Germany supports the completion of the “Northern Flow 2” gas pipeline and rejects unilateral sanctions outside of the US, announced at the end of 2019.

On January 1, 2021, the US Senate voted on the defense budget for fiscal year 2021, specifically, this document prescribes an extension of sanctions against the Northern Flow 2. Gender Washington leaders also called on allies to oppose the project.

The British Parliament recently called on Boris Johnson’s government to support the United States, imposing heavier sanctions on the “Northern Flow 2” gas pipeline (Nord Stream 2).

Accordingly, British Conservative MP Daniel Kawczynski urged the country’s government to “show courage” and impose sanctions on the Northern Flow 2 gas pipeline.

Mr. Daniel Kawczynski stated that the UK is no longer bound by EU membership, so “it is necessary to follow our American friends and impose sanctions on any company involved in the construction of Nord Stream 2 ”.

Mr. Kawczynski said in a hearing in the House of Representatives with the participation of Foreign Trade Minister Elizabeth Truss that this pipeline is a real problem, it is a risk project for the future security of the continent. Europe.

“I urge the Minister now, after Brexit, to show courage as our American counterparts and to support common ethical, strategic and security positions, to encourage the Germans not to endanger the risk. for our NATO partners and impose sanctions on any companies involved “- MP Kawczynski said.

Will you punish Nord Stream 2?

Commenting on the appeal of British politicians, CEO of CIS-EMO International Monitoring Organization, Deputy Doctor of Political Science Stanislav Byshok said that this statement reflects the opinion of the elite UK politics.

According to him, anti-Russia-oriented Western politicians have always claimed that economic cooperation with Russia only satisfies Moscow’s own political interests and is harmful to the European Union countries.

For example, British politicians did not specify what political interest Russia sought in its relations with Germany in the “Northern Flow” project, but they insisted that “it was a hostile interest”.

In their view, Russia does not want good things for Germany, which means Russia wants to launch some “horse of Troia” – Mr. Stanislav Byshok said.

This is essentially one of the unfounded conspiracy theories, however, such theories have recently become more popular in the West, even among the mainstream elite. and especially in Britain – America’s closest ally in Europe.

The UK is no longer a member of the European Union, but the country is still a partner of the United States as ever. British foreign policy, including for Russia and the project “Northern Flow 2”, would agree with the American stance, not that of Germany.

Therefore, this expert said that such statements by some British politicians would completely correspond to the general policy of London in this direction and that the Johnson administration could impose sanctions. severe fines on Moscow are what will happen.

Huy Binh


Leaving The EU, UK Calls For Sanctions Of Nord Stream 2

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