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Key breakers of election process are candidates in majority constituencies, says CIS-EMO

Leading political forces are working well enough in revealing facts of breaking the election law, observers of the CIS-EMO election observation mission have said.

The mission's report published at a press conference at Interfax-Ukraine on Saturday says that the results of candidates in majority constituencies will be a litmus test in revealing facts of infringements in vote counting on the Election Day.

The observers said that infringements by candidates from majority constituencies, which are linked to bribery of voters, do not influence their sympathies.

"If voters decide to be bought into, it's their own decision. The pre-election promises of candidates are a special formula of bribing voters," the document says.

Among key facts of law breaking registered by the CIS-EMO observers are provocations against colleagues on the territory of constituencies (18.4%), obtaining preferences in election commissions (14%), direct bribing of voters (14%), taking advantages of incumbency (10.6%) and administrative resource (11.1%).

"Infringements of candidates in majority constituencies form almost the whole range of infringements as a whole. This means that there is almost no influence of parities on the 'destructive' process," the report says.


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