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The deputy of the European Parliament Alexander Mirsky has accused Europe of cowardly silence

On May, 5th at the plenary session of the European Parliament which were passing last week in Bruxelles, the deputy of the European Parliament Alexander Mirsky has acted, we result the full text of speech:

"On May, 8th Europe celebrates a victory over nazism, but, colleagues, at me for you unpleasant news!

On March, 16th this year in Latvia, from the silent consent of the authorities, veterans of Vaffen-Ss walked about across Riga with flags and celebrated day of the basis of the Latvian legion. 20 years we, opposition, can do nothing with it! Heads of the European states pretend that occurs nothing. The Latvian retaliatory battalions СС have destroyed 130 villages and have killed more than 150 000 inhabitants of Latvia, Belarus, Poland and Russia. But today them remember in Latvia as heroes. Timid silence in the countries of the European Union is a crime against millions people which were lost during the Second World War."

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