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The deputy of EuroParliament Sabine Lusing has visited the Central Electoral Committee

The deputee of European Parliament Sabine Lusing

The deputy of the European parliament Sabine Luzing invited by the Center of monitoring of democratic processes "Quorum", has visited today the Central election committee where has familiarised with the Russian electoral system and samples of the automated systems of voting.

The system of work of a multilevel territorially-distributive network of complexes of means of automation "Elections" has been shown the European deputy.

The primary goals of the given system is gathering and processing of data on election campaigns, formation of planned schedules and lists of voters, gathering of the information on results of voting and results of election campaign, and also operative informing of voters on a course of voting and results of elections.

Madam Luzing still had positive opinion on the Russian electoral system and on process of automation of selective process.

«To Germany too there are experiments on automation of electoral systems. That I have seen here, has very much interested me. To us is, to that each other to learn», - Luzing has told the deputy of the European parliament Sabine.

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