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The conference «ARE WE VOTING FOR DEMOCRACY?» in Berlin

Hans Modrow, Alexander Neu, Wolfgang Gerke
Marina Kochetkova
Marina Kochetkova
Marina Kochetkova

On the 10th of December, 2009, at 16.00 has taken place the conference «ARE WE VOTING FOR DEMOCRACY?» in Berlin . The conference was organized by Russian non-governmental organisations, members of association «Civil control» - «The European Club of Professionals» and CMDP "Quorum", with assistance of party «Die Linke» (Germany). From the German party in conference work have taken part: Hans Modrow (ex-prime minister of GDR, the chairman «Council of Seniors» of party «Die Linke»), Wolfgang Gerke (the deputy of the Bundestag, the secretary of party «Die Linke» on the international affairs, the vice-president of committee on Bundestag foreign policy), Alexander Neu (the adviser of parliamentary fraction «Die Linke» on safety issues and foreign policy), political scientists, experts, journalists. The Russian delegation has been presented by variety of politicians and experts. So, the Russian deputy case has been presented in the name of the vice-president of committee of power Ivan Grachev. The electoral system of the Russian regions was represented by two chairmen of the commissions of subjects of the Russian Federation Sergey Lunev (Kaliningrad region) and Alexey Puchnin (Tambov region). On behalf of judicial system of the Russian Federation the head of department has taken part in a context of the analysis of media space in discussion on work from mass-media of Judicial Department at the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation Vadim Zijatdinov. The opinion and a position of the non-governmental organisations of Russia were presented by Marina Kochetkova – the director of the European Center of the Geopolitical Analysis and Vasily Smirnov - the vice-president of "European Сlub of Professionals». Also from a Russian side representatives of the Russian centre of training to selective technologies have taken part at the Central Electoral Committee of Russia Elena Klassina and Vladimir Krivtsov. For the first time within the limits of the international forum «Russian green movement» which has been presented by Vladimir Semenov – the politician having a wide experience in selective fights has been presented founded the day before.

The role of media in election campaigns in Germany and Russia became the basic theme of conference. Participants of conference have noticed that the negative tendencies connected with strengthening of pressure upon voters by means of TV and the press recently were outlined. As consequence, more formed voters of more attention began to give to information search on the Internet. For example, on last elections in the Bundestag in September 2009, as a result of the spent interrogations it has been revealed that 20 percent voted preferred to scoop the information from the Internet, rather than to give in to media to pressure by means of TV and newspapers. Unfortunately Russia does not lag behind the universal tendencies connected with subjective illumination of a political situation in the country. However new technologies of communications, on the one hand create a temptation for the mighty of this world to provide by means of manipulations additional votes of voters, with another, allow voters to find the latent sources of more objective information.

During performances participants were beyond a theme of conference and have addressed to painful themes of substitution of historic facts about the Second World War. In particular, Mr. Modrow has underlined that magnificent celebratings of the 20 anniversary of falling of the Berlin wall were accompanied by anti-Soviet propagation and history distortion. In particular, has given an example how the President of Germany has addressed to the senior generation of the Germans living in territory of GDR not to tell the memoirs on those as they lived to the grandsons that the rising generation did not have wrong reference points. And Mrs. Merkel German mass-media have ennobled that she has agreed to be present on September, 1st at mourning ceremonies at Poland to extreme limits.




Representatives of both countries have expressed desire about development of closer and friendly relations between representatives of a civil society of Germany and Russia about what have signed the total conclusion.


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