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The CIS-EMO mission has estimated the number of election irregularities

On October 22, 2012 in the office of News Agency "Interfax-Ukraine" the mission for election observation CIS-EMO has presented its second public report. It contains analysis of 359 received and verified by the mission violations.

According to the results of data processing, the CIS-EMO mission conducted a classification of existing election irregularities and made the preliminary findings regarding the compliance of parliamentary elections in Ukraine with the standards set at the Copenhagen Meeting of CSCE 1990. 

The observers set themselves the task to understand how certain violations really affect the actual will of the people of Ukraine. Thus, according to the coordinator of the CIS-EMO mission Dmitry Efimov, the voter who decides to sell his own voice, only demonstrates his free will in this way. «Free will - is a part of Ukrainian national tradition», - stressed D.Efimov.

«It is important for us not only and not so much to summarize the number of violations, but to deduce the general regularities of the voting», - stated the Chief Scientific Consultant of CIS-EMO Stanislav Byshok. «Can often see representatives of various monitoring organizations, who basing on rather limited number of facts derive far-reaching conclusions, which are not always correct from a scientific point of view», - stressed S. Byshok.

To move from the moral-value judgments about the elections to the rigorous mathematical models, that allow us to see the real picture of impact of election irregularities on the final result of the will of citizens, urged the director of CIS-EMO Alexey Kochetkov. For this purpose the mission has developed mathematical tools that will be presented on October 25 at the hotel «Hyatt». «The feature of the model, we offer, is that it can be used by each interested person to confirm the results or, may be, to refute them», - added Kochetkov.

In general, the CIS-EMO mission has concluded that violations on the Ukrainian elections exist and their quantity closer to the day of election will increase, but at the moment it is incorrect to say that these disorders will affect the legitimacy of the election.

The CIS-EMO mission has estimated the number of election irregularities
The CIS-EMO mission has estimated the number of election irregularities

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