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CIS-EMO: infringement in Kiev

Observers of the International organisation on supervision over elections CIS-EMO on an input in 302 polling district of a city of Kiev have found out group of young men which write down surnames entering on polling district.

Young men have answered a question on the purpose of their activity to observers that it has resolved the next site (30th) that the nobility, how many people have voted.

According to the international observers, it is infringement as thus it is possible to calculate those who voted, for the purpose of rendering of pressure upon voters.

Also in Kiev near to 4 polling district at a bus stop the impressive pile of leaflets with the slogan «has been found out Vote for Julju». Judging by a good condition of leaflets, they have been put today. «The latent propaganda in day of voting Is available», - observers have informed.


In the Pechersky city district of Kiev (ДВК №32) about Ivan Kudri's street, д. 33, under the information which have arrived in the call-centre unknown persons have propped up a door and have set fire to it.

At present the fire is extinguished, on a site observers are directed.

Besides, the international observers inform that 219 District election committee at the moment of the voting beginning in 8 mornings has been closed. It has been written that the commission works with 10 to 18 though under the law elections pass from 8 mornings till 8 evenings.

To observers CIS-EMO the suspicious information has arrived. Yesterday, on the eve of elections, in 85 city hospital has laid down at once 87 (!) voters attached to 214 election committees. Accordingly, they vote on открепительным to coupons. «It is final, it is possible to assume that there was a mass poisoning, but the voting fact on открепительным considerable quantity the person, got to hospital a day before voting, it seems to us suspicious», - observers have told. At present observers CIS-EMO find out the exact reasons of receipt of voters in hospital.

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