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Foreign observers are happy with a course of elections. On elections in the Russian regions they have not fixed gross infringements

Alexander Mirskiy
Alexey Kochetkov

Foreign observers who watched a course of elections in uniform day of voting on March, 14th, have not fixed gross infringements. The group into which deputies of EuroParliament both the Polish Diet and German journalists entered, has visited the Ryazan, Kaluga and Voronezh areas.

«The result of elections in good sense has surprised me», - the deputy of EuroParliament from Latvia Alexander Mirsky shares impressions. As he said, the Russian electoral system sufficiently the competitive: there are 6 parties, and the representative of each party has possibility to express. «In Russia any party can take advantage of a platform of the state mass-media, in Latvia it is not present – parties can use only the paid media resource, only after will raise on it money», - has told Mirsky. In its opinion, it is very good practice.

The Mirsky has told what to take part in elections as its observer has forced the statement of some legal experts from a society "Memorial" that in Russia there are no fair elections. However, as he said, elections in Ryazan have shown that it not so. «If elections so occur in all territory Russia any «Memorials» cannot tell about them non-legitimacy», - has declared Mirsky.

As he said, observers have fixed three insignificant infringements during elections in Ryazan: from one of sites was gone hundred bulletins, to hundred more voters supporters of one of parties have poured vodka, propaganda on one of sites in an election day also has been fixed. «But even if to assume that these two hundreds voices have been really used, their quantity does not influence a result of elections», - considers Mirsky.

Observers have not found out infringements and in the Voronezh region. «Elections are transparent, well organised, the bases for critical are not present remarks», - the assistant to the editor-in-chief of the German newspaper to "Junge Welt" of Rainer Rupp marks.

In its opinion, the major indicator of honesty of voting is that observers from various parties are happy with a course of elections. «Observers of political parties on places are happy with a voting course, it is the most important indicator of fair elections», - tells Rupp.

As the general director of the international organisation on supervision over elections CIS-EMO Alexey Kochetkov who has lost always has noticed is dissatisfied with results. «Yesterday, while voices have not been counted up, opposition parties were happy with a voting course and if they, suddenly, become dissatisfied today, questions will be to them», - Kochetkov has told.

According to Rupp, observers were surprised with use of an administrative resource. «The similar phenomena are both in Germany, and in other countries of the West, simply they are called differently, for example, in the USA there is an expression – natural advantage of officials», - has noted Rupp. Thus, according to the co-chairman of Social council «Fair choice» of Dmitry Orlov, monopoly for use of an administrative resource at "United Russia" was not. «Equally it was used by all parliamentary parties», - tells Orlov.

At the same time, in Russia some parties too actively use names of the leaders in regional lists. For example, the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky led service records of the party on elections at once in two regions. «In Latvia if the deputy of the Diet will win municipal elections, it becomes the municipal deputy and will leave the Diet», - tells Mirsky. «At such system Zhirinovsky some times will think before to head the regional list», - the euromember of parliament considers.

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