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Visit of the international observers to Volgograd regional Duma elections

Martin Friedrich and Alexei Kochetkov in Volgograd's election committee
The information about candidats
Polling district
Voter's registration
Meeting with governor of Volgograd region Nikolai Maksyuta
Martin Friedrich and Nikolai Maksyuta

At an election day to Volgograd region there have arrived international observers, including representatives of the European Union. Martin Friedrich, the employee of the device of European Parliament, has visited on several polling districts and ascertained that elective process is organised in region at high level.

Elections in Volgograd regional thought passed on March, 1st, 2009 on the mixed is proportional-majority system. In a region legislature 38 deputies, 22 of them - under party lists, 16 - on one-mandatory districts will be selected.

The head of administration of the Volgograd region Nikolai Maksyuta has met delegation of Association of the noncommercial organisations on protection of suffrages «Civiс Control» which was represented the general director of the Center for Monitoring Democratic Processes "Quorum" byAlexei Kochetkov and the employee of the device of European Parliament Martin Friedrich.

Members of delegation have shared with the governor the first supervision about the organisation of process of voting on polling districts. «Is very glad to observe democratic elective process in the Volgograd region, - the employee of the device of the European parliament Martin Friedrich, - in my opinion has underlined, all goes normally. Elections in a regional thought pass in the Volgograd region has organized very good». As he said, all polling districts where it could visit, are technically well equipped also visible infringements of selective process was not observed. Nikolai Maksyuta has noticed that the area election committee, executive power, law enforcement bodies have made everything that elections of the deputy case of the regional Duma have passed at high organizational level.

During the day the delegation «Civic control» has visited some polling districts in Volgograd and nearby areas of area, has met members of regional election committee.

The regional election committee has considered that elections have passed in law frameworks. «We have received during campaign of 66 complaints, and also some complaints in day of voting, however the majority of them have not proved to be true», - the chairman of the Volgograd regional election committee Gennady Shajhullin has noted. With it the representative of EuroParliament Martin Fridrih, which in an election day have been inspecting in Volgograd some sites agreed also. «I am impressed by that has seen, - have noted Friedrich. - In my opinion, democratic selective process has taken place».

Later following the results of carrying out of elective process in uniform day of voting in the Russian Federation representatives of the Center for Monitoring Democratic Processes "Quorum" and associations «Civil control» has been prepared the report for the European parliament in which the course of elections in the Volgograd regional Duma has been reflected.

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