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Participation in pre-election conference of party «European Left» in the European Parliament 2009

On November, 29-30th, 2008, the pre-election conference to the European Parliament of 2009 of party «European Left» has taken place in Berlin, to which have been invited employees of the Centre for Monitoring Democratic Processes «Quorum», representatives of «Civic Control» A. Kochetkov and M. Kochetkova.

Conference was opened by the chairman of the party «European Left» Lotar Biski. A performance theme was: «European Left on the threshold of the European elections 2009. Overall aims and problems to change Europe».

With reports have acted: the chairman of Communist party of Belgium Moris Magis; the head of fraction «European Left» in the European Parliament, Communist party of France (Partie Communiste de France), the deputy of European Parliament Francis Vurtz; the chairman of «Party of the Democratic Socialism» (The Czech Republic) Milan Neubert; the chairman of Communist party of Bohemia and Moravia (the Czech Republic) Vojczek Phillip; the chairman of Communist party of Germany (Deutsche Kommunist Partie) Heinz Sterr; the chairman of SYNASPISMOS (Greece) Alexis Cipras; the chairman of «Communistic Revived party» (PRC-SE, Italy) Paolo Ferrero; the chairman ща «Party the Socialist Alliance» (Romania) Konstantin Rotaru; Verdugo Marti Christina, «Communist party of Spain» (El partido comunista de España); Albert Bolos, «United and Alternative Left» (Catalonia); Sul Daldal, «Freedom and Solidarity» (Turkey); the national secretary «The Block of the Left» (Bloco de Esquerda, Portugal) Miguel Portas; the national secretary of party «Young Socialists» (Mlodzi Socjalisci, Poland) Grzegor Ilniki; Grigory Petrenko, The Communist Party of Republic Moldova and also Graciella Mascia, the vice-chairman of «European Left».

At pre-election conference its pre-election platform has been presented in European Parliament to party «European Left»: «In 21 century the world, democracy, social justice and solidarity is necessary to Europe». Within the limits of this platform possibilities of overcoming of crisis, a social and ecological problematics, the Intraeuropean cooperation, questions of democratic and equal Europe were discussed.

M. Kochetkova has acted with a salutatory word to participants of conference from names CMDP «Quorum» and «Civic control», having informed on the purposes and association problems. From representatives of parties some questions specifying the forms of work, and also interaction CMDP «Quorum» and «Civic Control» with representatives of the power have arrived.


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