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Odesa region is leader in violation of election campaigning, says CIS-EMO

The CIS-EMO election observation mission in Ukraine has registered the largest number of violation cases in election campaigning in Odesa region.

"The leader in violation [of election campaigning] is Odesa region. The largest number of [violation cases] was registered in the region," reads a report of the mission published at a press conference at Interfax-Ukraine on Saturday.

The key type of violation is taking advantages of incumbency and administrative resource to achieve the required result.

"However, this type of violation was used both by the ruling party and the opposition," the observers said.

The mission also said that the major part of violations is related to the actions of candidates in majority constituencies, those who formally did not declare their adherence to a certain party.

A member of the mission and a representative of France, Veronique Rouez, said that the facts that voters will be informed on video monitoring at polling stations is a positive one.

"It's good that people are informed how cameras operate," she said.

She said that it is difficult to assess the fact that video cameras have been installed at polling stations.

"It’s for the first time here and we don’t have such a thing in France," Rouez said.


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