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Leszek Miller about presidential election in Ukraine: Yanukovych's victory in the first round - good news to Europe

Leszek Miller

Victor Yanukovych's convincing victory in the first round of presidential election in Ukraine is good news as for Ukraine so for Poland and Europe, the prime minister of Poland in 2001-2004, a member of Valdai club Leshek Miller has declared on Monday of RIA Novosti news agency.

In Sunday in Ukraine has passed the first round of presidential election. According to the Central Electoral Committee of Ukraine, after calculation of 95,18 % of reports the party leader of regions Victor Yanukovych types 35,42 % of voices, the prime minister Yulia Timoshenko - 24,95 %. "So expressive victory in the first round - good news to Poles, Poland and the European community as a whole. In spite of that the Polish politicians speak about Yanukovych and write the Polish mass-media, the future president of Ukraine will perfectly cope with calls which expect it", - Miller considers.

The ex-prime minister of Poland has reminded, when in November, 2002 Victor Yanukovych became the head of the government of Ukraine, the new prime minister has made the first official foreign visit to Poland. "I was at that time the prime minister and accepted Yanukovych in Warsaw. Then my Ukrainian colleague has told to me that with the first visit has gone to the closest to the neighbour, with what it would be desirable to have the best good-neighbourhood", - the Polish politician has noted. "Behind it Victor Yanukovych's words concrete affairs have gone. Kiev did not begin to enter a visa regime for citizens of Poland while Warsaw has been compelled to enter visas to Ukrainians, fulfilling requirements of the European Union. Cultural contacts have quickened. By the difficult moments of the general history, including to tragedy on Volhynia, in Kiev began to concern with understanding and respect for sensitivity of Poles", - Miller has reminded.

After memorable presidential elections in 2004 considered "Prorussian" the Yanukovych became in Poland the main villain. "In Warsaw politicians and mass-media were then in a condition of euphoria and expected that the camp" orange "as on magic wand wave, will change the country and will lead it in the NATO and the European Union. In Poland instead of concentrating on economic cooperation, banal stamps about necessity of strengthening of strategic partnership and" pulling "Ukraine on the West" dominated, - the former prime minister of Poland has told RIA Novosti news agency.

Thus, as he said, in Warsaw "shut eyes to that fact that president Yushchenko has put crimes УПА (the Ukrainian insurgent army), including crimes against Poles, in the category of merits before the Ukrainian state: in the Polish ruling political elite антироссийскость justified all". Against imaginary achievement and Victor Yushchenko and Yulia Timoshenko promises the chairman of the party of regions has proved to be "the reasonable statesman". "Also there is nothing surprising that so is a lot of citizens of Ukraine wish to see Victor Yanukovych on a post of the president. Obviously, with advantage for the country, for Poland and for Europe", - Miller of RIA Novosti news agency summarised

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