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The international observers mission over association «Civic Control» on Republic South Ossetia parliamentary elections on May, 31st, 2009

Performance of representatives of expert community
Director of CMDP
Performance of representatives of expert community
The international observers
Independent public debatable club
The international observers and Eduard Kokojty
The international observers
Guillietto Chiesa
Interview of Guillietto Chiesa for television channel

In spite of the fact that South Ossetia - the young state, it aspires to become legal the state in which democratic institutes will operate. In South Ossetia work over that the civil society and interaction here developed it was carried out not only with the Russian structures and the non-governmental organisations, but also with the similar organisations of other countries much.

During election campaign opposition parties of South Ossetia had possibility to finish the point of view to the republic population. Within the limits of preparation for elections to parliament Republic os South Ossetia (RSO) in Tskhinval the Independent public debatable club «For transparent and fair elections» from May, 25th till June, 1st has been developed. The club has been organised by the representative under human rights at president RSO David Sanakoev and association of the noncommercial organisations on protection of suffrages of citizens «Civic Control». The club «For transparent and fair elections» represented an open debatable platform in which frameworks took place round tables, briefings and interparty debate of representatives of parties, participants of forthcoming elections with participation of the international observers, representatives of the non-governmental organisations of South Ossetia and representatives of mass-media.

The debatable club «For transparent and fair elections» has been specially organised that at considering oppositional parties, there was a possibility to speak about the sights. D. Sanakoev: «On our discussions oppositional opinions sounded opinion and a propresidential orientation, and. These discussions were broadcast on the state TV without denominations. Any of parties cannot tell that it somehow limited in the information plan. Besides, parties met the population, appeared on television. In this plan all conditions for fair and pre-election race equal in rights».

The the deputy of V convocation of Polish Sejm, Mateusz Piskorski, arrived to South Ossetia as the international observer on parliamentary elections on May, 31st, considers that in South Ossetia the problem of high-grade illumination in mass-media of performances of parties and candidates on parliamentary elections is solved. Piskorski has underlined a role of the ombudsman of South Ossetia which has organised a debatable platform for all participants of parliamentary elections. «It is very important, because in many countries of Europe, including the European Union, there are problems with performances in mass-media of candidates and political parties. Here this problem is solved, thanks to the ombudsman. We will prompt in our countries that the ombudsman should be engaged and such problems», - has told Piskorski.

Ignoring of parliamentary elections in South Ossetia by the world community is a problem of the world community. So considers the director of the Centre for monitoring democratic processes«Quorum» Alexei Kochetkov. The world community considers elections in South Ossetia not that illegitimate, it at all does not notice them, as well as the country in which they are spent. But that they do not admit the come true fact is their own problems. «In the history of many countries it is a lot of examples when the world community someone did not recognise, and the state existed and developed. For example, Soviet Union too recognised far not at once», - Alexei Kochetkov considers.

The Centre for monitoring of democratic processes «Quorum» shortly before elections has published the brochure «Dynamics of development of democratic institutes RSO in the first year of a recognition of independence» on materials of the round table which has passed in Tskhinval on May, 6th. Representatives took part in action executive and legislature RSO, representatives South Ossetians and the Russian non-governmental organisations, scientists, political scientists, the European experts and journalists.

Within the limits of a round table the questions connected with formation in South Ossetia of remedial structures, by development of institute of the free press, development of a multi-party system in the conditions of the recognised state were discussed. The brochure included the brightest performances which have sounded on a round table.

On May, 31st, 2009 have passed parliamentary elections in Republic South Ossetia. It already the fifth parliamentary elections under the account in South Ossetia, but the first independence from the moment of a recognition.

For places in 34-seater parliament of republic four parties struggle:

  • «Единство» («The Unity»), 34 candidates;
  • Communist party of South Ossetia, 23 candidates;
  • «Народная партия» («People party»), 26 candidates;
  • «Фыдыбæстæ» («Fatherland») 10 candidates.

In total in an election day 95 polling districts in all areas of republic from which seven have been located in Russia (six - in the North Ossetia and one - in Moscow) have been opened. Voting passed on proportional system.

Elections shined such news agencies, as news agency REGNUM, the First channel, NTV, TVC, 5 channel, Echo of Moscow, MTRK "MIR", Finam FM, tavkazskiy Uzel ("The Caucasian Knot"), news agency RIA Novosti, the newspaper "Trud", the newspaper "Gazeta", and also a number of foreign mass-media: news agency RES, NewsGeorgia, Georgia Times, Armenia Today, Deutsche Welle and others.

On the eve of day of voting in Tskhinval there has arrived delegation of the international observers. Elections were watched by representatives of the different countries of the world — Russia, Germany, Italy, Poland, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Abkhazia and Moldova. The representatives were sent also not recognised by the Transnistria and Nagorno-Karabakh.

List of observers from «Civil Control»:

  • Alexei Kochetkov, director of Centre for Monitoring Democratic Processes «Quorum»;
  • Georgiy Fedorov, president of Centre of social and political researching «Aspect»;
  • Alexei Martynov, director of The International institute of the newly established states;
  • Modest Kolerov, president Fund «Freedom Russia»;
  • Mateusz PiskorskiМатеуш Пискорский, the deputy of V convocation of Polish Sejm;
  • Guilietto Chiesa, the deputy of European Parliament;
  • Jacek Zdroevski, the general secretary of party «Polska Lewica»;
  • Rainer Rupp, The assistant to the editor-in-chief of the newspaper «Junge Welt», Germany;
  • Marina Kochetkova, director of the European centre of the geopolitical analysis;
  • Tomasz Wywiol, the vice-speaker of the Sejm of West-Pomorsky voivodeship, Poland;
  • Roswitha Yildiz, the member of «Die Link» party central committee, Germany;

In an election day observers have begun work at 8.00 and have finished only on termination of a counting of votes.

During elections and illumination of their preliminary results, in Information centre «Parliamentary elections – 2009» performance of expert community has taken place. Its structure, in particular, included the international observers of Rainer Rupp and Mateusz Piskorski.

Mateusz Piskorski: «I Can tell that passing elections are based on transparency and openness principles. That fact testifies to it that in South Ossetia the international observers who can visit all polling districts work many. On all polling districts observers from all four parties which keep order work. We have not noticed any infringements on one of sites».

Rainer Rupp: «I have arrived here with the big group of the international observers of Germany, Poland, but as I know, here there is a big delegation and from other countries. I have travelled some sites in Tskhinval and republic areas. Our group of infringements has not noticed. All rules of voting are observed. On each site all time there are observers from all four parties.

We have visited some polling districts where could see that all organizational moments pass according to norms of safety. The most important that from each party on a site is present on the observer, and sometimes even - on two observers from party. I wish to underline that communicated with observers from parties without Russian translators - with the translator who speaks Russian, but is not Russian on a nationality. Therefore, I think that observers from parties could express easy the opinion, without being afraid to tell the superfluous. I asked them questions on infringements, on what has received the answer that elections pass is transparent. On polling district №5, to Lenin's address, 32, the observer from Communist Party has told that elections pass in a fair mode and its words were confirmed with observers from other three parties.

On an observant site №19 in Hetagurovo village I communicated with two observers from People party and with the observer from "Фыдыбæстæ" ("Fatherland") which have confirmed that process of elections passes at that point in time in normal conditions».

The deputy of European Parliament Guillietto Chiesa has arrived under own initiative. As he said, he wished to see and inform to other deputies a real situation in South Ossetia. «I think that it is interesting to all Europeans that here occurs. From all parties there are observers. No infringements according to the law on elections are present».

The international observers in South Ossetia have visited 8 polling districts, in Tshinvale, in villages Tbet, Zar, Hetagurovo.

Roswita Yildiz: «We communicated with representatives of election committees and observers from parties. They with pleasure answered our numerous questions. Proceeding from the long-term experience of supervision, I can tell that elections have been organised according to the international standards. Me has shaken that people who so much here have worried, could organise quite normally such important action, as parliamentary elections».

Marina Kochetkova: «We represented some countries: Italy, Czechia, Germany, Poland and Russia. We communicated with representatives of election committees, observers from parties much. Set many questions and to us with pleasure answered. Any infringements at our presence has not occurred».

On the Moscow polling district the appearance has made 120 persons. On voting in Moscow observers from parties "The Unity" and "Фыдыбæстæ" ("Fatherland") have been directed.

The representative of the party "The Unity" on polling district in Moscow on parliamentary elections of South Ossetia citizen RSO, the Hero of Soviet Union Victor Bunin has declared that to a course of voting at it remarks are not present. «Elections pass организованно, conflicts between organizers and observers were not», - Bunin has declared. Also he has noted a high civil liability. «People go on elections with a smile. It means that the people one, not very well who from parties will win. Ossetia small, but the rallied people».

Ballots, by Central Electoral Committee RSO rules, should be signed before voting by representatives from all four parties participating in elections. However two parties have refused this right and have not sent observers to Moscow.

The director of the International institute of the newest states Alexey Martynov who also was on a site in Moscow, in interview to the Caucasian Knot has told: «To avoid falsification, i.e. throwing of bulletins for any one party, organizers, with the consent of all parties, have thought up following rules: on each site observers from all four parties sat, on everyone bulletins each representative puts the autograph».

Bulletins before voting have signed only the representative of "Unity". The representative of "Fatherland" of Radik Siukaev has explained that its party suggested to sign bulletins after reception by the voter but before lowering it in an urn, however, by Central Electoral Committee rules, the bulletin subscribes before reception by the voter of the bulletin and "Fatherland" has refused this right. According to Siukaev, they after voting will verify quantity of the bulletins which have voted with quantity.

According to the international observer from Association of the noncommercial organisations on protection of suffrages «Civil control» Modesta Kolerova that on bulletins there are no signatures of all parties, is not infringement as parties have taken advantage of the right to refuse the signature.

Alexey Martynov: «I am satisfied by level of political literacy, level of organisation of the South Ossetia voters, managements of the Central Electoral Committee of South Ossetia. That is not surprising, as it is elections already in the fifth parliament of republic».



Results of elections

The appearance of voters was traditionally high - over 75 %. Votes were distributed as follows:

  • «Единство» («The Unity») — 46,38 %;
  • «Народная партия» («People party») — 22,53 %;
  • Communist party of South Ossetia — 22,25 %;
  • «Фыдыбæстæ» («Fatherland») — 6,37 %.

Thus, a victory propresidential party «Unity», and at it has gained 17 deputy places. On the second — «People party» of South Ossetia, at it nine deputy places. Eight deputy places — at Communist party of South Ossetia which has taken following the results of elections the third place in voting. Party «Фыдыбæстæ» ("Fatherland") has not passed 7 % barrier and in again selected parliament is not presented.

The most appreciable infringement was that on several polling districts there were faults with the electric power. Basically it in Leningorsky area of republic, on border with Georgia. Basically there were insignificant infringements – the spoilt bulletin or absence of the passport at the voter (in this case the voter, certainly, to voting was not supposed). Gross infringements it was revealed not, and as a whole elections have passed at high organizational level.

Conformity of legislative base of Republic South Ossetia to demanded democratic international standards is noted. Mission recognised the last parliamentary elections free and opened, corresponding to the international selective standards, passed in pluralism atmosphere, with granting to voters of clear political alternatives. Voting in an election day has been well organised and passed in the quiet and peace conditions, any serious incidents has not been noted. Process of processing of results of territorial election committees also has not caused any censures from outside the international observers. The good knowledge of selective procedures as by members of election committees, and the majority of voters has been noted. Besides, observers ascertained that the given elections were the important factor of stable development and the further democratisation of a public life of Republic South Ossetia.

Tomasz Wywiol: «I think that all has passed very well — as in the normal democratic countries. I saw that all was as it should be».

Roswitha Yildiz: «I have been amazed by that gravity from which people approach to these elections, and how they wish to change the life».

Rainer Rupp: «I set the Question on an openness and a transparency of these elections to all those observers from parties which were present on sites which I have visited. Anybody from observers has not told to me about any infringements or deviations from the standard international norms. I would like, that in such form elections passed everywhere in the world».

Besides the international observers from the non-governmental organisations, also results of elections were highly appreciated by the head of the Central Electoral Committee of Russia Vladimir Churov: «Elections of deputies of parliament the Republics South Ossetias which have taken place on May, 31st, 2009, are spent according to the selective legislation operating in the country, in the conditions of high activity of voters and conditions of a political competition equal in rights».

In spite of the fact that the international observers have declared that elections have passed without infringements, and the is standard-legal base of republic corresponds to the world standards, the United States and the European Union have refused recognise legitimacy of the last parliamentary elections.

The assistant to the official representative of US State department Robert Wood has declared: «The USA express a regret in connection with the decision to spend on May, 31st, 2009 so-called «elections» in the Georgian region South Ossetia, do not recognise their legitimacy and results». He has added that elections «represent a step from the peace and discussed decision to the conflict». According to Wood, the USA support independence and territorial unity of Georgia in its borders recognised as the world community.

With the similar statement the European Union earlier has acted. Czech Republic presiding in him has told that in Europe consider illegitimate elections to South Ossetia that they are recoil back in search of ways of a peaceful settlement of a situation in Georgia. «EU confirms support to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia within the limits of the international-recognised borders of this country».

The famous member of Russian parliament, the assistant to the head of parliamentary committee on the international affairs Leonid Slutskynamed a position of the European union concerning parliamentary elections in South Ossetia display of «double standards»: «Non-recognition by the European Union of elections in South Ossetia is a predicted display of double standards. For example, OSCE which has refused to send observers in Tshinval on parliamentary campaign under the pretext of that the republic is not a member of the organisation, in the end of 2007 safely recognised elections in Kosovo in which one Albanians have taken part mainly. The facts of formation of authorities including legislative, in this Serbian province became a part of the plan of Maarti Ahtisaari on branch of Kosovo from Serbia that in a consequence has been recognised by the majority of the European Union countries. Then they were silent about territorial integrity and settlement of interethnic conflicts».

Destructive role of OSCE which this organisation plays Southern caucasus, - a separate theme. But speech now at all about it. Defending interests of Georgia, the European Union and the United States expose recently itself far not in the best light. Being engaged выгораживанием Saakashvili's mode after August aggression, they, as a matter of fact, have undersigned for own bias and bias. After all the Georgian leader does not leave till now hopes to return in structure of Georgia Abkhazia and South Ossetia. And, as have shown events of last year's August, in a choice of means it does not hesitate. It seems that knowingly official Tshinval has accepted special security measures in preparation and elections. As the president of South Ossetia Eduard Kokojty has informed, these days has been prevented two acts of terrorism in republic territory. On the eve of elections on May, 30th in Tshinval in a cellar of the apartment house located on southern suburb of a city have found out an improvised explosive device (СВУ). СВУ represented 2 kg of trotyl strengthened by two pomegranates of a domestic production, with a cap-detonator of the industrial sample, two batteries, an electric detonator and a radio intake for actuating by means of a radio signal. СВУ it has been put under a basic wall of a building. By estimations of experts, device blasting could lead to a collapse of a building and cause considerable human a victim. Combat engineers of KGB of RSO СВУ it has been taken out for city boundaries and it is destroyed. Now on the given fact criminal case is raised. Operatively-investigatory actions are carried out. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ossetia, of course, aloud does not speak about possible «the Georgian trace», but opaquely hints that from outside this country attempts to prevent elections have been undertaken.

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