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On fake leaflets the "Regionals" congratulate with the 70-th anniversary of the UIA

On October 14 at 5 polling stations of Lugansk region a group of activists calling themselves "The team of self-promoter Sergey Shakhov" distributed leaflets, where on behalf of the candidates for the deputies of the "Party of Regions" they congratulated voters with the 70-th anniversary of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army. In particular, such leaflets were noticed in the constituencies № 106, 107, 109, 110 and 112. In one only Rubezhnoye police detained two cars in which there were 30,000 leaflets with a photograph of the parliamentary candidate in the constituency № 112 Julia Ioffe and with congratulations to all the voters on the anniversary of the OUN-UIA.

In addition, it was reported that members of "The team of Sergey Shakhov" had planned to hold a rally on the 70-th anniversary of the UIA under the flags of the "Party of Regions", but the provocation was prevented in advance.

"Playing the "nationalist card" with binding the candidates to the controversial figures and events of Ukrainian history – is not a new phenomenon for the election campaign in the country", - commented on the appearance of fake leaflets the director of International Organisation for Election Observation Alexey Kochetkov. – "Hardly there are a lot of fans of the OUN-UIA in Lugansk, so this can seriously reduce the rating of the representatives of the "Party of Regions". "On the other hand, the provocations were identified and prevented quickly enough, so they just could fail to reach broad audience of voters", - added Kochetkov. 

Let us recall, on October 11, after verifying the data received from the District Election Commission, the prosecutor's office of Stakhanov, Lugansk region, opened a criminal case under part 1 of article 157 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine regarding an unemployed female citizen of Ukraine, who, acting in the interests of self-promoted non-partisan candidate for people's deputies of Ukraine S. Shakhov and impeding the free will of the people, exercised vote buying. From October 12, the accused person is wanted. Investigation in the case is ongoing.

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