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Election monitoring in Abkhazia

On 12 of December, 2009 in 8 am was starting the presidential elections of Abkhazia – the first in the country after the international recognition have begun. 174 election committees have been opened, the right to voting had 127 thousand citizens of Abkhazia. It has not been registered any gross infringement of the law on elections. The situation in Suhum remained quiet throughout all day of voting.

For a post of the president of republic Abkhazia five, including the present president of republic Sergey Bagapsh competed. Among its competitors the former vice-president and prime minister Raul Hadzhimba, the director of Abkhazian Sea Shipping company Zaur Ardzinba, the doctor of philosophy Vitaly Bganba, and also the known businessman Beslan Butba, the owner of the Abaza TV.

For a victory in the first round it was necessary for candidate to type more than 50 percent of votes. Results of elections are of great importance for the future of Abkhazia and all region. In favour of Sergey Bagapsha's victory played the fact of a recognition of Abkhazia international scene. The opposition was intends to come to power, using protest moods in a society. Also in favour of opposition played absence of unity in Sergey Bagapsh's camp, about what said a number of large resignations, in particular, the chairman of committee on Arthur Mikvabii's reforms, the secretary of Security council Stanislav Lakoba and the adviser for Socrat Dzhindzholii's political problems.

 The course of elections was watched by 83 observers from 21 countries of the world. Mission of supervision from Russia is represented by two organisations-members of Association on protection of suffrages of citizens "Civil control" - the Centre for monitoring democratic processes "Quorum" and the Center of sociopolitical researches "Aspect".

Presence of the international observers and the control over a voting procedure on polling districts and behind a counting of votes is a well-tried remedy from every possible frauds (вбросов bulletins, voting of "dead souls", repeated voting by the same citizens, etc.). Wide participation of authoritative international observers - an effective guarantee of cleanliness and a transparency of presidential election in Abkhazia. If the estimation of observers is positive, it can become the convincing proof of legitimacy of elections both in the opinion of local population, and on international scene. In this case, without dependence from results of elections, Abkhazia will show a maturity and democratic character of the political system that, probably, will give a new impulse to process of the international recognition of Abkhazia.

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