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The comment of Denis Dvornikov about the conference with «Die Linke»

Denis Dvornikov

Denis Dvornikov, the chairman of the council of "the European club of professionals», the responsible secretary of association «Civil control»:
We initiated carrying out of conference for the purpose of development of subject international dialogue in the field of elections. It is time to pass from the general words about inapplicable in practice «the all-European standards» to discussion of concrete and painful questions. Both for Russia, and for Germany, and for all Europe, a problem of media space and its influence on electoral processes – a key question of preservation of a genuine democracy. It is obvious that to carry on dialogue with parties in power of this or that country on this question, it all the same what to try to adjust negotiations between a lamb and a hungry wolf, result one – return to the general words. The party «Die Linke» in the present state of affairs for us has appeared the most interesting and constructive partner for carrying out of similar dialogue.

On the one hand it is party which does not have emotional negative background, it is simple because this year Dee the Link has doubled the representation in the Bundestag, thus having typed considerable percent in the west of Germany. For comparison, it all the same that the Ukrainian Party of Regions will win in Lvov and other cities of the western Ukraine. Thus, «Die Linke», it is faster constructive opposition than political manestream and consequently representatives of the party have a separate opinion, free from the general propaganda tendencies which are in any country. We have tried to organise the Russian delegation with taste. Have included in it the deputy from «Fair Russia» (the closest on a political platform to German partners of conference) Ivan Grachev, regional heads of election committees, the representative of judicial system who thus carries out activity connected with media space. In the near future we will let out materials of the given conference which will be not simply accounting brochure, and a source of expert opinions of representatives from different areas of a political science of two countries.


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