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CIS-EMO and the European observers have visited elections in Voronezh

Left: Rainer Rupp

In territory of the Voronezh region on March, 14th, 2010 there passes 601 election campaign in municipal areas of area, city districts the city of Voronezh and a city a Novovoronezh, Borisoglebsky city district. As a whole it is necessary to select in public 157 heads of rural and city settlements, over 4000 deputies, including 56 deputies of the Voronezh regional Duma of the fifth convocation and 36 deputies of the Voronezh municipal duma of the third convocation.

By the invitation from the Center of monitoring of democratic processes "Quorum" the Voronezh region the deputy of the European Parliament of John Senishin and the journalist of the German newspaper "Junge Welt" have visited Rainer Rupp.

The European experts have met the chairman of Election committee of the Voronezh region Vladimir Seljanin, have visited some polling districts and have made visits to staffs of political parties.

Visitors from Europe remained are happy with level of carrying out of election campaigns in the Voronezh region, especially having noted a voting procedure transparency.


"I still had positive impressions of how take place elections in the Voronezh region", - has informed the deputy John Senishin's EuroParliament. "On all sites there are observers both from political parties, and from independent candidates. In election committees to us have given the necessary information".

"I do not have any remarks in relation to this election campaign", - Rajner Rupp has told. "In Germany too recently passed elections and if I now voted in Voronezh, I would not notice a considerable difference".

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