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Presidential elections in Iran 2013

The Rouhani Surprise

The only thing we learn from Iranian elections, to paraphrase George Bernard Shaw, is that we do not learn from Iranian elections. Despite their careful study of the tea leaves of Iranian domestic politics, neither the pundits nor the policymakers in the West could have imagined, even a day before the June 14 election, that Hassan Rouhani would win the polling. The same kind of monocausal analysis that blindsided the observers of Iran now risks creating misguided expectations about the implications of Rouhani's presidency. Read more about The Rouhani Surprise

Iran's Elections: 'Back to the Future'

It's a very rare moment in Iran. Once again, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad changes the equation even though he, personally, isn't part of it. Both the "reformists" and the "principalists" have a single objective in this election: defeating Ahmadinejad's candidate, Esfendyar Rahim Mashaei, or whoever makes it to the final list of candidates. Read more about Iran's Elections: 'Back to the Future'